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MOUSSA COULIBALY  Griot de Burkina Faso / Vocals - Cora - Talking Drums  "Madoube Project"

                                                                                                                                         The recordingsession @ Peter´s house

SIMOZA DAYO  Burkina Faso  Africa CD Projekt "Declaration de Dayo"


CD Cover Design


Johana Munzarova Vocals & Peter Hillert Synthguitars  CD erhältlich bei:

PRODUZIERTE STUDIOPROJEKTE  Play - Recording - Editing - Mixing - Mastering

PoetryinMusic        Duo Johana Munzarová Prag Vocals & Peter Hillert Baden-Baden Synthguitar

Guitar                         Peter Hillert Solo Chillige Synthguitargrooves

Sicilia                         Guiseppe Boscia Vocals - Franco Zambito Guitar - Rolf Hillert Percussion

Africa                         Simoza Dayo Burkina Faso Vocals - Moussa Coulibaly Burkina Faso Vocals & Cora -  SiriKaesh Cameroun Vocals

SOCC                         Sound of Collectiv Consciousness Peter Hillert - Simoza Dayo - Moussa Coulibaly - SiriKaesh 

Poesie                       Thomas Gehlhaar gesprochene poetische Gedichte mit Musik bemalt.

Digit Picture           Phillipe Mayne Keyboards - Peter Hillert Guitars,  & Gäste